An opportunity for high school welding teachers to earn up to 10 hours of professional development training in general welding.

Professional Development for High School Teachers

Up to 10 Hours of Professional Development Training in General Welding

Join us any Thursday of your choice from 7am-5pm. One Teacher per Thursday

Schedule through: Hunter Sherman at 501-556-7577 or

Training Objectives: Run the floor with our instructors to learn teaching techniques in the following processes: GMAW (Mig), SMAW (Stick), GTAW (Tig), and Oxy/Acetylene Torch Cutting. Throughout your day at Arkansas Elite, you will go through a morning safety meeting from 7am-7:15pm, being paired with an instructor on the shop floor from 7:15am-12pm, lunch from 12pm-1pm, afternoon safety meeting from 1pm-1:15pm, and being paired with an instructor on the shop floor from 1:15pm-4:20pm. You are welcome to join us for a full day or just a morning/afternoon if that fits better with your schedule.

Arkansas Elite Welding Academy will distribute
sample high school welding curriculum to all participants.

PPE Required: Long Sleeve 100% cotton or FR rated shirt, Leather work shoes or boots, Leather gloves, Safety Glasses, and a Welding hood.

A Certificate of Hours completed on site will be provided after training.