An opportunity for high school welding teachers to gain knowledge & confidence through 6 hours of professional development training in general welding.

Professional Development for High School Teachers

Training will cover machine settings and weld safety and leave participants with a basic understanding of the following welding processes.

GMAW (Mig), SMAW (Stick), GTAW (Tig), and Oxy/Acetylene Torch Cutting

Participants will run beads on Flat, Horizontal, and Vertical plates and then progress to T-joints in the 2F and 3F positions. 

Arkansas Elite Welding Academy will also distribute a sample high school welding curriculum to all participants.

The training cost is $350, which includes materials, supplies, and lunch. 

PPE Required: Long Sleeve 100% cotton or FR rated shirt, leather work shoes or boots, leather gloves, safety glasses, and a welding hood. 

Participants can purchase an optional tool package that includes a welding hood, welding lens, safety glasses, and leather gloves for an additional $150

AEWA set up “free” tickets through EventBrite so participants could register to attend, but the training cost is $350. AEWA will send an invoice for the training to the email provided.